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About Me

Gopan is Ireland’s first Japanese owned and operated Bakery

During the Covid-19 Pandemic whilst many Japanese living in Ireland were unable to return to Japan, I myself started to bake at home. Seeing how happy people were when I delivered this taste of Japan to them in a place so far away, I realised that eating delicious food is an important part of staying in good spirits in these times. After experiencing a lockdown where it was difficult to find things to enjoy, I started Gopan in hopes that I could bring a little happiness to those who felt homesick, missed traveling or just wanted to try something new during a time where we were limited in what we could do. 

To combat food waste, we operate strictly on a order-delivery system. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, we stay clear of single-use plastics and deliver all of our bread in paper bags.



With a desire to eat only delicious and tasty things, unable to find bread that checked all the boxes for me, I decided to teach myself how to bake.

In 2002, I moved from Japan to Zürich, Switzerland, until 2012 where my family made the move to Dublin.

Now living in the seaside town of Bray with my Swiss husband, daughter and two dogs.